2023SS Delivery start

For the Spring / Summer 2023 season we explored our obsession with the creative process, passed down to us through generations, and to the Leur Logette collection that we love so much - Timeless sensuality and minimalist design Innumerable unseen details : craftsmanship, luxury, comfort, and iconic style that will last forever

leur logette * KEEN collaboration


20th anniversary event
at Isetan shinjuku store 3F stage3
12/7(wed) - 13(tue)


2022AW Delivery start

'Femme fatale'

This season's inspiration came from Marianna Rothen's (b.1982) nostalgic images of beautiful women.
Her sharply focused eye reveals the complexities of "femme fatale", intimating that the mysterious seductive beauty as captured by her lens may not be as parfect as she seems.
Striking images of women in costumes and wearing lingerie brings to mind scenes straight out of French films of the 60's and 70's.
Beautiful details crafted by skilled hands and sparing no time or effort, is the truest form of luxury in clothing.

leur logette x KEEN Collaboration